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    I wanted to know i you can look back the scorebord/analyse, i know you can look it back on iphone but can you also look to the analyse when i game was played back on android or pc.

    second thing, me and some friend got a competition that just staetede his second season, but one friend can't join the competition, its says all the teams are taken but their are 2 left. if he click on the competition he is sees the clubs from last season on the place where the left over teams are. i don't know if you understnad what i mean but he can't click on any club but their are a few clubs left.

    thanks for help and i hope its a bit clear what i mean.

  • @ruben_king_NL Scoreboard is not yet implemented on web, so , no you can't replay it. On Android, it should be available on next update (this week if all goes as planned)

    About your second problem, can you let us know the login of your friends so we can investigate what's going on?

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    @SpecialOne his name is flexylexy1989

  • Hi, can you please remove your temporary files after that you should be see 1. FC Köln free if not then you can open a new topic using the bug template with as much information if you can.