• Hello,

    Can somebody tell me, how many days is needed for catching this cheaters???
    First transfers they were done in preseason days, than every days is like in this photos (see link). I copy to this link ONLY "top transfers"...

    Now we have 14 matchdays, and still moderator doing nothing?!
    Once the league end will be useless to deal with "fair play".

    I was looking forward to being fair about this game. But I think after 10 years is probably this my last season, and this game is over!
    If you think to promote cheasters in this game, it does not make sense.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Did you report this cheater? You can go to his profile and there you can report him. Send your screenshots too for evidence.

  • I report this cheater minimum 6-7 times. (After discussion by email with moderator which ask me for "waiting", I wait 3days and situation is still same...)

  • English Moderator

    Hi, cheating will never be discussed on the forums. If you have reported a cheater then you have to be patient till its handled. Also it's possible that after investigation the manager wasn't found cheating and since there isn't any feedback it's not possible to know that.
    Best thing, you can send a mail to instead of posting on the forums.