Boss Coins Business Partners

  • Italian Users

    I'd like to emphasize the different behavior of the Boss Coins Business Partners.

    During the last weekend, since there was the opportunity to double the boss coins advantage, I installed several App from FYBER and from SUPERSONIC.

    Whilst FYBER has always been very kind, following every ticket with a prompt verification for missing awards with a positive feedback, SUPERSONIC is now denying ALL the ticket for unknown reasons:
    "Unfortunately, our system has indicated that your offer completion was not approved as valid by the advertiser. The reasons could be that the offer was not completed per the specified requirements or that it was not completed via our offer wall."

    In the last case, I installed and open an APP I never saw before SUPERSONIC advertisement, thus I cannot accept their reply.

    I understand that OSM is not responsible for this, but since this is happening more and more, I would like to make everyone aware of this misbehaving, asking OSM to better clarify
    with Business Partners their approach with users.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, thanks for your suggestion but as always the responsibility for offers is entirely that of the advertisers and has nothing to do with OSM