My friend want to join my league ! he can't

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    Good morning
    My friend want to join my league but the moderator is OSM.
    What is the solution of this problem ?

    • My name : ayoub guedaoui

    • My friend's name : brahim-tornedo

    • League name : The Premier League

    please help me !!!

  • @ayoub-guedaoui I see that your league is locked and the moderator is OSM. So, I'm sorry because once the league moderator has resigned and the league gets locked then no one can join that league. So it's not possible for your friend to join your league.

  • Hi welcome.

    It's indeed not possible to join a closed league when the moderator is OSM.
    So the only thing you can do if you want to play together is resign and then create you're own league or join a new league together.