Some gold coins have been taken from me!

  • Yesterday in preparation for my match against chelsea, I looked up and was pleased to see a total of around 267 gold coins. However when I went to see the match result the following day (today) I only say 320 gold coins. Around 50 had been taken away. Upon logging on it said also that I had gained 50 for playing 100 matches or something and it has not given it to me rather taken it away. Please help.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, I don't see a problem here, if you have 267 coins before today and 50 coins was added for achievements then your total should be 317 coins. If you now have 320 then it's probably maybe you claimed 3 coins login bonus for 18 hours which summed everything up. Right? Or maybe your figures or calculation are wrong.

  • Lol,
    Sorry Can't count. You're right.
    Prob didn't see the 3. Mistook it for a two.

  • English Moderator

    Good to know everything is OK :smile:
    This topic can be closed now.

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