• Dear OSM SUPPORT .

    I am really tired of reporting this player " **** " i have reported this guy for multi accounting. Firstly i will never report a guy if i am not sure . Moderator just go to that league and see he is the only player from Algeria and all the fake accounts he made are from Algeria , also every time one of the accounts get ban he create another, so he can win against that account .
    Me and my friend in the league and this is really not fair . And more to prove it , i send him a message on OSM saying please stop making fake accounts or i will report you , and he said "ok sorry dude". If you cant check it from my account i will send a screenshot ! . Thank you for your time taking to read this .

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    I'm sorry but trying to get things done through our forums will not work.
    Cheatings will not be discussed/reported through our forums
    And if you already reported it through our system including all evidence then you need to be patient and wait.


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