• Portuguese Moderator

    Good evening,

    I want to express my dissatisfaction with the maintenance schedule.
    A game like OSM can not be maintained during game simulation.

    This image is from yesterday in simulation time.

    It is not the first time that happens and I bet the little finger of the left foot as it will not be the last but i want try to change!! And you?

    alt text

  • Hi,

    Tks for your feedback... you could have posted this on another forum, since this isn't really a support issue!

    Are you suggesting that Gamebasics schedule these maintenance situations to simulation times? And that if these situations were scheduled we don't provide any information in advance?
    If so, then let me tell you that you're completelly wrong mate. Who will in his perfect sense set a maintenance when majority of their users are logged? Why would Gamebasics make such an action knowing that it will drive all users mad an unhappy with OSM?

    Unfortunatelly, there are a lot of things that go out of our control... hardware issues on our side and also on several other sides... All kind of internet issues that may set an website down...

    These situations that have been happening recently are not possible to predict and sometimes we're forced to set it offline in order to prevent further damages on OSM.

    When we do Scheduled maintenances, we inform users in advance.

    We're sorry for these situations, but when they occurred this was out of our control. What we do when these things happen is to minimise damages and try to protect ourselves to minimise the chances of similar situations happen again...

    Again, sorry for all this, but we're doing everything we can in order to stop with these moments and improve OSM performance.

    In fact, we've improved OSM speed yesterday. This speed improvement is proporcional to users location. Users close to Netherlands had a small improvement, but users that are far from NL had a much better improvement... EX: Users from Indonesia had an improvement of almost double speed, so OSM for them is almost twice faster than before!