Fifa 18 Giveaway

  • Since all leagues possible are finished (I played Premier League (43 match days) and waited 3-4 days, i think it is appropriate time to ask admins this. So here I come :dagger:
    You made an announcement that you will give away Fifa 18 for the 1 lucky manager that created his own league and put "FIFA" in it.
    Since then, no notification or update on that is published, so I had to ask if this was just bait for us to spend 200 BC or you are going to announce the winner.
    If so, I would be more than happy to know when it will happen.
    I finished first in the league, won the cup and achieved my goal (1st place), so if you are looking for the managers that are created league and won it too, I'm one of them.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, this was announced on this topic >>> Game Updates
    alt text