I cant logg in and must logg in pls help me with my problem

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    I created a account with the name ''Cem202020'' and joined in a league of my friend and he started but i had the
    automatic logg in button off so it logged automaticly out and i tried my passwort so many times but it isnt working my
    password was for osm 05031990mec but it doesnt work anymore can you please help me i cant make it with the email because i didnt write an email cuz this was my second acc and my main acc. If you dont believe me and think that im a scammer or something like that you can see that this acc will be offline cuz its my account.

    Im waiting for your answer. Thanks!
    sorry for my bad englisch


  • German Users

    @cem202000 the name of the league were i joined with that acc was ''sie lieben mich nicht'' the team that i chose was
    stoke city. if you need more informations to know that im the owner off this acc then write it please.

  • @cem202000 Hi, welcome.
    This kind of issues will only be handled by mail, so you need to send a email to EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com in English of course.