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  • hello, i am asking about my points .. when i look at my carrer i found that i had a season with 4000 points , another with 3000 and others... but on the list of the world i found myself with only 4700 points , how is that possible? is that a bug , or something that i didn t understand??

  • @fares-menzli Hello bro
    If you are checking world ranking they only count your best slot points for e.g: if you score a 3000 points season and another 1700 and both are in slot one (s1) and you score 4000 points in season in slot two (s2)
    Then Only 4700 points which you scored in your best slot results and that's slot one (s1) will be viewed in your world ranking preview

  • English Moderator

    Hi, read the Common Questions topic you'll understand how the point system works these days.

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