My end-of-season points are not added to total manager points

  • Hi, I was 8-11-2017 about #85 on the total manager list with around 64,000 points. Then my seasons ended on slot 1 and 3 on 10-11-2017 with 9130 and 7375 points. Looks like those points haven't been added to my total, because now I'm #98 on the list 63,220 points. Can someone check please?
    Thanks in advance, my player name: Raymond Caers

  • @raymond-caers_nl Hi, welcome.
    They have been added, but you probably check through app and you'll only see highest amount of managerpoints there from slot 2.

    If you want to see the mp's from you're other slots, then you will have to login to website.

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