excuse me i need your help fast , an error has occurred to my coins ,

  • the new offer of the scout today , i clicked on the offer then i choosed my setting about scout players , after waiting 2 hours the scouter backed , i decided to buy one of the players but i didn't have enough money so i accepted to pay with coins , here is the error i got nothing and the coins have been changed to bank money from 1245 coins to 32 million in the bank , now please i want to get my coins back 1245 coins cause i can't use 32 million in (Europe champion league A ) cause there is no transfer list in that league and i can't even save them to next league ! so please ! help me !!!! to get my coins back and exchange the money again 1_1511565577800_24085260_1374861389303534_1730695697_o.jpg 0_1511565577800_23998431_1374861112636895_1984494258_o.jpg to get my coins back and exchange the money again

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    Hi, the option for scout and transfer list isn't available (visible) in special leagues so it's impossible to use them in the first place (not possible to scout a player at all).
    However, unless this is a bug then it's possible. It was clever for you to take the screen shot before the error where I can see that everything was OK with 1.8M club funds and 1928 boss coins. But you'll also have to provide a screenshot after the error occurred with club fund of 32M and the remaining balance of your boss coins containing your manager name, date and time stamp.

  • @king_jamiu_10 0_1511616623758_24085260_1374861389303534_1730695697_o.jpg i already uploaded it before but no prolem here it is again ,and yea for sure that was a bug and there is a sign for sure you can see, as you see the 2nd uploaded photo i am a coach for ( manchester united) but chealsea , atletico and paris cant be there unless that was special league as i said (champion league A ), thats is the sign ; there is no transfer list in that league so as you know it is impossible to collect 32.6 million in day 4 of the that league without transfer list , so thats is the sure sign of the bug and please help me to get my coins back and thank you for your interest

  • @king_jamiu_10 1_1511618834638_24115538_1375403542582652_1531311147_o.jpg 0_1511618834638_24085095_1375403522582654_1277211404_o.jpg , 2 photos of today show ( chelsea , atletico , paris saint-germain and manchester united ) so iam really in (champion league A) , yesterday i was preparing to play vs celtic in previous photo ,today you can see i really played vs celtic , won 1million of the new day so it becomes from 32 million to 33.4 million , and the other photo shows the scout offer after i clicked on my notfication button , third photo shows setting of the new scout player who you want to buy , 4th photo show that there is no scout in the setting list of the league while iam openninng the scout options from the weekend event as i cleared before
    all these photos prove what i said before and cleared .
    thanks again for your interest 0_1511619395837_24007984_1375408832582123_925492641_o.jpg 0_1511619751451_24007975_1375412905915049_485418795_o.jpg

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    I see you also reported this on the Arabic forum, so you should wait and be patient for their reply while I close this one.