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    Well...its been so long since the last time i have been here,my english is more rusty then it has been but good enough to say hello to old friends. Lot has changed i see,cant find my way around here and guess i cant see crew forums but ok. To all the guys and girls i met in my period of playing i want to say good to see you again,seen on my crews most of you have left but thats life people keep moving on just like i did,i admire to those who have left and still enjoy playing this. Just passing by after about an year not stay for long,special hello to crews the rebels and idios assassins and their "old" memebers....
    my rank is 0!!!(#sucks)

  • This post is deleted!

  • he hello, how are you long time no see.

    it is busy over here in your topic, were shall we talk further?

  • Hey, I remember you! 🙂