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  • Hi. If I use a certain amount of coins to create a league, then want to play in a different country the following season, do I have to pay more coins to create a new league or can I continue into that new league without doing so? Thanks.

  • @tommy-timbers Hi mate

    To create a league you need to have always coins, without it you cant create the league. If you continue the league through the option Moderator Tools the league will be cheaper.

    Kind Regards

  • English Moderator

    Hi, when continuing a league you'll pay 40% of boss coins of the initial amount of coins payed when starting the league (i.e. if I want to create the English league newly, it'll cost 400 coins but if I want to continue an already existing league then pick the English league for next season then instead of paying 400 coins I'll pay 160 coins which is 40% of 400).

  • Got it. thank you.

  • English Moderator

    Then this is clear and can now be closed.

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