Clubslot 2 in stead of clubslot 1

  • Today it is day 26/26 in my competition in clubslot 1. All games are played. My assistent proposed me to choose another team. I did so and now I see that this team is activated in clubslot 2 in stead of clubslot 1. I don't want to play in clubslot 2 for manager points reasons. Is it possible to go with this team, when clubslot 1 is available this evening, from clubslot 2 to clubslot 1?

    Kind regards, Hans

  • English Moderator

    @hansthaens_nl Hi, welcome.
    If all matches has been played you must wait till after next simulation to choose a new team otherwise it picks another free slot.

    I'm sorry but it's not possible to transfer that, so or you resign from the league after first match and then choose a new league and team with the slot you want to play with.