scout 2

  • I didnt buy the players. I didnt want to wait for 16 hours before the scout returned, so I paid boss coins to take him come back quickly.. And it was not the best solution. I tried to scout with the same conditions 2 days before, and he brought me players like pogba, tielemans etc. All 90+ rating. I didnt buy them though because I didnt have enough money and no one else in My league did either. So your explaination is wrong. Clearly a bug. I pay money for this game so when something like this happen I like to have it back. Thanks in avance.

  • English Moderator

    @dfr666_nl Hi,
    This is not a bug, it was your choice to speed up your scout using boss coins. When you scouted those players and didn't buy them the scout already recorded it as though you don't want them. Since the scout will always bring players he'll bring the next thing he can find, but adjusting your preferences might do the trick.