Request Problem

  • Hi,

    Login: Lirind
    Account: Slot3
    League number: (not mandatory if you don't know how to find it)
    Date & Time of the bug: from yesterday around 19H
    Platform: Website - Google Chrome
    Bug step-by-step Description: two of my friends have requsted to join in my league but i didnt received their request and when i didnt become theirs request, i invited them but they didnt become my invite. They see only this:

    My friends names:
    Mentor Dullaj Lfc
    Gent Elezi


    Kind Regards

  • Can you please let us know in which platform your friends are playing?

    A complete step by step would help us trace the problem.

    In which platform they made the request, in which platform you invite them, in which platform they are searching for your invites.....

  • @specialone Hi Albino,

    Mentor Dullaj Lfc dont have problem he joined in the league. He use iOS and WEBB.

    Gent Elezi play only in iOS, ( Iphone 6, iOS11 and OSM version 4.2.9 )

    He send me the request through the iOS and his request i didnt become neither in Android/ Android Google Chrome nor in Web, and i said him wait ill send you an invite but the same, he didnt become my invite ( i sand him the invite through the Web). When he said me that: I didnt become your invite, i looked boths platforms and everything were ok: "You sent the invite". ( this problem is only with him, with others no ).

    I dont see his request neither in Android/Android Google Chrome nor in Web and he see only this ( look the photo ) and he cant click and do anything.