FIFA World Cup 2018 - Russia

  • Probably lost 2 years of my life today, and my nails are done, kaput!! BRAVO SUBAÅ IĆ!! What a win! BRAVO Croatia!! Finally we win one dramatic game like this that we usually lose.. Now or never guys, I can see this team going all the way, as much crazy as that sounds...

    Now, the host, Russia. Cant wait for the game.. AJMOOOO! HRVATSKA!!

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  • @majstor-matt

    That was a weird game, your midfield seemed to lose their normal efficiency. And the whole team seemed to not to be firing on all the cylinders they were in the group stages. But keeping calm under penalties and against Kasper (has a good record in this) is an achievement. I also still believe you have a chance but need to go up a gear.

  • @hans-orf Extremely tough game. Denmark was fantastic in 2nd half. Our players said after the game that temperature was really high and that there was sever drought in the air. Also psychologically this was very very hard for our players, specially for this generation as they never passed this stage of the tournament and we have players who surelly have quality for that.

    BUt all in all, despite the fact that I lost my nails and nerves, Im happy they won this way, because this could be an epic positive boost for their moral. Im sure next game in Sochi they will play much much better. 😄

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  • Croatia Denmark the goalkeepers game !!

  • @majstor-matt finnaly they produce a fantastic game.they did they can go along maybe until the end.go croatia allll the way.

  • DRAMA today! Poor Japan 🇯🇵

    Who has impressed you the most so far?

  • @ruby2003

    The comebacks from both Croatia (even if only on penos) and Belgium have been noteworthy. But Brazil are peaking at the right time. Maybe we will see the rare site of a non-Euro winner in a European based World Cup.

    But if that hard working midfield of Croatia can get the gears grinding again, who knows.

    England will probably get past Columbia and it will be a close game v Sweden.

  • 32 teams started the journey, only 8 remains...COME ON CROATIAAA! 😄


  • @majstor-matt

    I think all these games are gonna be close; hard to predict. All deserved to get this far.

  • @majstor-matt they have a great chance to go all the way.the whole nation is behind them.russia england great match .they could win both matches if they play like against argentina.good luck to croatia

  • @marjan2241 Problem with us is as it is in almost every sport. We are capable to win against almost anyone, but also lose against anyone 😄 But I am sure players are aware of the chance they have now and that they will give everything they have against Russia. They have broken the curse of the first knockout match, specially on penalties in dramatic circumstances (we always lost thos matches before) so Im sure they are much much more morally balanced now 😄 All in all, cannot wait for Saturday!

  • @majstor-matt

    Your first point is like England were too, any stat/ trend ( such as Germany being a tournament team) can be broken.

    And your second point sounds like Liverpool at times, and my club Derby. Both of which have got to final stages of various competitions recently. My safest bet would be on a Brazil v Croatia final. Although the three teams in Brazil's half put in good performances and/or mighty come backs. And England and Russia have rode their luck well, which can also be a huge factor. Hence why I say it is hard to predict. I would just like a new team than recent winners to get the trophy.

  • C'mon !
    As a Belgo-Croatian, I let you bet on which final I'd like to see haha
    Good luck (seems to be as important as in osm lol) to every country but may those 2 reach the final 😄

  • @restimat Who would you support in final if it comes to that? 😄

  • AGAIN!!!!!! This is not good for my healtht! CROATIA IS IN THE SEMIFINALS!!! For the 2nd time in history!!! AJMOOO!!!! ❤ CROATIAAA! ❤

  • @majstor-matt

    See you there.

    Croatia have got thru a lot of high pressure games. England played their best game of the tournament so far today and without Kane really being on top form. Gonna be a hard one to predict. As are both semi-finals. Great to not just have snore no score draws or boring games this late into the World Cup.

  • @hans-orf For us this is already historic. But I'm glad we are finally playing against someone who will play real football and attacking style because we are better than. Even if we lose next 2 games like Brasil in 2014 these guys are already HEROES for us. Good luck on 11th of JUly, may the best team wins 😉 IDEMOOOOO!

  • Croatia! Croatia! 😁

  • YES !!!!!!!!!!

    France - Belgique


    Croatie - Angleterre

    it's cool 😉

  • Spain had Xavi and Iniesta.. we have this magic duo. The Maestro and Mr.Balls of Steel! 😄 😄 #greatestmidfieldduosever