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    Hi, when I had played my last game on my Main account, but before it has cleared, I created a league, thinking it would start on my Main when it did clear. But it opened immediately on my free S2 account. My question is, when I set my Moderator Options to continue that league next year, will it start on my free Main account or still be on my S2? If the latter is the case, I will then have to pay full price to create another new league on my Main and not the 40% discount I would expect to get? (Seems harsh, when I shouldn't have been allowed to create a new league when the existing league had not cleared.) Thanks.

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    Hi, you are right! You should never create a league or choose a new team when your league has not reset because at that moment you're still managing a team.
    And yes! If you set next season on your slot 2 then that's where your league will continue.