Match Experience on Android

  • very interesting feature! Congratulations!
    I hope OSM won't turn to a game with interaction during match (online substitutions e.t.c) I like the gameplay as it is now: a strategy game to set up your team and wait to get the result. Please do not change the match interaction.

  • @steliosmi I agree with you
    I actually liked old scoreboard more,this one is just too modern and not in old OSM way..
    There must be a constant flow of the game,not the tapping thing
    There must be a speed up button like on old scoreboard
    There is no sound on scoreboard..fix that
    Don't want to be critic but design is somehow bad/cheap everything in blue..Get some colors there,change the layout of the scoreboard etc.. There are a lot of things to improve imo

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    @steliosmi Hi Stelios! ☺ Welcome to the new OSM forums buddy. I wanted to thank you for your post and suggestions. Indeed lots of managers were asking for the scoreboard to return for a long time and yes the game never stops improving its features. So any feedback and ideas from the managers are very important for all of us on OSM . Enjoy your gaming time Stelios. πŸ˜‰

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    @scarle4 Hi Aris ! ☺ So nice to see you too in here. Thanks goes to you too for your post and suggestion.
    Enjoy your gaming time and our new advanced forums buddy . :thumbsup_tone2:

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    Hi to you too mate! ☺ Thanks for posting in here. You're right, of course there's always room for improvement and that's exactly what is happening on this game site. Enjoy your gaming time and our new forums. πŸ˜‰

  • I forgot to ask,is scoreboard going to be implemented on website ?

  • @JEBENONADRKAN Yes, but we can't give any time frame for it.

  • @MotaNelu I agree with you about skipping comments only. I need only match experience☺ Update requires in improvements but it's great feature @SpecialOne

  • A status update to see the simulation on mobile and link to access the forum ❓

  • Looks good though. Only annoying that you need to tap on the screen everytime something happens.

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    The new scoreboard is okay, only thing as mentioned before is the endless need for tapping the screen. I don't see the point of that.

  • @Majstor-Matt ΩƒΨ³Ω…Ωƒ

  • @aboody256 Hi, welcome.
    Please remember that this forum is English only.
    If you want to join the conversation in your own language, you can join your country's group and disscuss things in your own language.

    Check this to see how: known-bugs

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    It's cool!

  • Two weeks ago i posted my opinion on the match experience with my 3 major observations and now after the last update i was delighted to see one of those was solved!!
    I'm talking about the new RERUN button on the results page. Now i can skip, have a look at the result, do what i do with my team and later on when i got the time (because you need a lot of time for this) i can watch the Match Experience. Thumbs up for you guys πŸ‘
    I enjoy it when people hear my rant, it makes me feel worm inside and when i feel warm inside the world is a better place for everyone.
    You did good GB on this one, you did good.
    Now onward with the rest of them πŸ™‚

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    @steliosmi Thank you very much for your post Stelios.πŸ˜ƒ

    We are very glad that you liked the latest update.
    And that's exactly the reason for why the CM team insists on asking from the OSM community to post and share any new idea or suggestion that you might have. The Admins read all about them , the Game devers get their feedback and whatever is possible to be added it's there for all of us to enjoy in every fresh update.

    Thank you all once again. We appreciate your help and support. :handshake_tone2:

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    @SpecialOne Great noticeΒ‘ Thanks.

  • Last night i played the Cup Final on my league that went all the way to penalties, with a lot of shots taken, goals scored and cards shown, like a proper final should.

    When i watch it through the "Match Experience" it took 6 full minutes to get to the penalties with a lot of tapping on my phone's screen, when it got to penalties i was returned to the "studio" with the commentators and there was a button Start Penalties. I pressed the button got back to the "Field" where the timeline is and it just ended, no penalty shootout was shown, nothing, just match ended !!!
    That was truly disappointing for me, i stayed all the way through the stupid, mind numbing screen tapping just to enjoy the shootout, what a bummer. 😞
    Now along with the Speed issue and the constant Tapping of the Match Experience i'm adding "where is my penalty shootout GB"?

    PS1. This generic, bright blue forum background is really not making it easy on my eyes, if you guys like it can there be a choice at the Setting Menu so we can customize it ?

    PS2. Thanks for your hard work and for tolerating us. πŸ‘

  • @steliosmi Tks for your feedback. It's really appreciated πŸ‘

    @steliosmi said in Match Experience on Android:

    PS1. This generic, bright blue forum background is really not making it easy on my eyes, if you guys like it can there be a choice at the Setting Menu so we can customize it ?

    We're working on it. I believe that we'll have a new them in a couple weeks. No promise about when it will be available, but I can assure you that we're already working on it!

    @steliosmi said in Match Experience on Android:

    PS2. Thanks for your hard work and for tolerating us. πŸ‘

    We're doing this game for you guys, so it's more than natural that you guys comment/complaint when things are not the way you would like it to be. Some users once in a while go a bit further and cross some limits, but that's part of human nature πŸ˜‰

  • @SpecialOne I love it:)