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  • Crews : GOI U-23 vs EOTE
    Country : austria 2nd divison
    End Date : 11/11/2016
    Final Score : GOI U-23 1620
    EOTE 730

    ![alt text] url)

  • Crews : GOI U-23 vs scanner
    Country : Australia
    End Date : 18/11/2016
    Final Score : GOI U-23 2076
    Scanner 291

    ![alt text] url)

  • Crews: Idios Assasins v Indian Tigers
    5X5 Friendly
    League: Scotland II division
    Last date: 1st December
    Idios Assasins 2122
    Indian Tigers 290


    Scores Confirmed

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    Crews: Union of the Supremes vs THE FRENCH MERCENARIES (friendly)
    Country of League: Isole Far Oer
    End Date: 25/12/2016
    Final Score: UoS 1320-1146 TFM

    alt text

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    alt text
    The Eagles Cup 3.0 2016 Round 1
    Countr of Leaque: Austria 2nd Division
    End Date: 13/07/2016-08/08/2016

    Tugas 1000:0 TURAN ORDUSU
    Spartacus Legends 420:1710 BROKER INOSMIA
    Merah ♥ Putih 1000:0 Gilani Fighters (DSQ)
    The Best of Turkey 1791:551 Vingadores Brasil Crew
    Pichichis de Leyenda 1969:480 Ganbatte Kudasai
    Master Coach 1918:297 CONTUGAL
    ŁǾЯЊ (DSQ) 0:1000 Exodus Of The Eagle
    Polish Legends 1277:1168 Dynamis
    Husarya_PL 1463:950 Men Of Honour
    All Star Crew 967:1385 The Alliance
    The Special Forces 982:1271 Born in the USSR
    Argentinos al mango 1140:1200 Karadeniz İmparatorluğu
    Polish Eagles 1805:615 Managers Academy Group
    IDIOS ASSASSINS (Team "A") 2008:425 Arab Crew
    IDIOS ASSASSINS (Team "B") 679:1553 OSM Striker Ultras
    REVENGE 1654:877 Fats Lords
    The Dillon Panthers 1276:728 Indonesia Glory
    Domination 1699:722 Master Coach Junior
    PEJABAT TERAS 1177:1290 Le Crabe Crewstillant
    TRABZONSPOR 1461 1357:735 Polish Slavic Group
    RED SKULLS 1110:1268 Força Galática

    alt text

    The Eagles Cup 2016 3.0 Round 2
    Country of Leaque: Paraguay
    End Date: 13/08/2016-08/09/2016

    Tugas 1350 - 972 BROKER INOSMIA
    Merah ♥ Putih 989:1403 SEVDAMIZ FUTBOL
    The Best of Turkey 1884:573 Exodus Of The Eagle
    Pichichis de Leyenda 872:1557 Dynamis
    Master Coach 1290:1155 Men Of Honour
    Polish Legends 522:1882 The Alliance
    Husarya_PL 569:1793 Born in the USSR
    All Star Crew 1210:1194 Karadeniz İmparatorluğu
    The Special Forces 1431:1018 vs OSM Striker Ultras
    Argentinos al mango 1984:440 Fat Lords (previously:Big Boy Team)
    Polish Eagles 1755:700 Indonesia Glory
    IDIOS ASSASSINS 1064:857 Le Crabe Crewstillant
    REVENGE 2010:394 Polish Slavic Group
    The Dillon Panthers 632:1776 Força Galática
    Domination 777:1673 RED SKULLS

    alt text

    The Eagles Cup 3.0 2016 Round 3
    Country of League: Singapore
    Date: 13.09.2016 - 08.10.2016

    Tugas 1840:557 SEVDAMIZ FUTBOL
    The Best of Turkey 1020: 1415 Dy

    Master Coach 752: 1636 The Alliance
    All Star Crew 712 :1708 Born in the USSR
    The Special Forces 830:1570 Força Galática
    Argentinos al mango 1509:928 RED SKULLS
    Polish Eagles 535:1946 PEJABAT TERAS

    alt text

    The Eagles Cup 3.0 2016 Round 4 (quarterfinal)
    Country of League: Faroe Islands
    Date: 13.10.2016 - 08.11.2016

    Tugas 1499:821 Dynamis
    Argentinos al mango 879:1542 The Alliance
    PEJABAT TERAS 1557:742 Força Galática
    REVENGE 1311:1135 Born in the USSR

    alt text

    The Eagles Cup 3.0 Round 5 (semifinal)
    Country of League: Albania
    Date: 13.11.2016 - 08.12.2016

    Tugas: 1074:1223 The Alliance
    REVENGE 792:1662 Pejabat Teras

    alt text

    The Eagles Cup 3.0 Round 6 (Grand final)
    Country of League: Honduras
    Date: 13.12.2016 - 07.01.2017

    Pejabat Teras 1482:930 The Alliance

  • Crews: Idios Assassins v Polish Legends (friendly)
    League: Scotland II Division
    End date: 08/01/17
    Score: Idios Assasins 1946 Polish Legends 504

    Scores Confirmed: confirmation

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    We don't need another topic with no discussion at all, going up and down on this forum.
    Thank you all for posting.

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