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  • I just take a slub after finifhig season, and when i wanted to see when I am playing match i was surprised because I saw it is left 96 hours. I know from before that there is only one preperation day left if OSM is the moderator of the league. THen i saw, that there is 23 hours left to the game

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  • This also occured on my phone, same league

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    Hi, welcome.
    This is possible if a manager bought a team, based on experience then it can have 1 or 4 prep days.

  • @hespera
    That means that I have 4 preperation days(96 hours to next match) and that my next matchday (i see from the screenshot) will be after 24hours. After 24 hours i will be at 3rd preperation day???

  • That means ,if im right, that you didnt gave the correct answer to the some managers, you told them there is ONLY ONE preperatipn day from the league created by OSM

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    @manager-pr-9 If a manager buys a team it's not really a league created by osm itself.
    It's similar to create you're own league, with the big difference that osm becomes moderator of that league instead and manager has only the team he wanted to manage.

  • @hespera no i dont get it. How you can create a league thats become OSM league, not Moderator's league.

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    @manager-pr-9 I said it was similar not that it was the same.
    Manager bought team, then a new league will be created with osm as mod.

    So it's because of that manager that the league has been created, if you're on a league created by osm itself you always have 1 prep day that's correct.

    The awnser has been given, so time to close this one now.

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