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    This is ridiculous. I have 4 careers, and this week, all four teams got 2 red cards/injuries each. EIGHT unavailable total! Only one or two were a result of 3 yellows, the rest were 5-6 match bans, plus injuries of similar lengths!!?!!?

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    Hello Mate,
    Sorry to hear about this, but I must tell you that this isn't a problem and needs no resolution.
    As you know red cards and injuries are part of football as well as OSM so it's up to you as a manager to try to avoid them. It could be that you're playing with a very high aggression or pressing or you don't take note of the referees strictness for your game.
    I suggest you try to balance the above with regard to the strictness of the referee and hopefully your players will get less bookings in each game.
    Good luck with your team.