unable to take me to the manager profile

  • Hi, I dont know is it my problem or is it general, when I click to manager at rankings, top 100, I click to every manager and it can load a manager profile, but when I switch to country ranking when I click noting happens.
    It is very annoying that i cannot see manager slots, crew etc. I have to go to friends, then search friend, and then write or copy-paste if manager name is to complex

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  • Yep, same thing to me. When I was searching for bulgarian managers for the national team I had to copy the name of each of them and put in the chatbox and then search him/her...

  • What, nobody knows the answer ?

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    @manager-pr-9 Hi, welcome.
    Well first try to remove cookies/cache and if that doesn't work then you know how to report a bug the correct way with a filled in bug template.

    It's not something general in this case, otherwise a lot of managers would have reported the samething.

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    This post is deleted!
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