• Here we can discuss OSM newest feature: Match Experience!

    What do you like about Match Experience? What do you not really like? And finally, what do you think can be improved?

    All input and opinions are welcome! ☺

  • @ruby2003 is it true what the analist tells you, because sometimes it says that my captain was not good or the tactic doens't match with my formation etc.

    is this something to relay about or is it just random, excuses my Englisch, hope you now what i mean

  • @Dave-Jansen_NL Hello Dave and welcome to the new forums! ☺

    Now that is the one million dollar question mate! :money_mouth:
    I was wondering about the exact thing a couple days ago, after watching my detailed match from the OSM commentators.
    What kind of comments or advices did you get by now?
    What's your feeling about them compared to your matches's results? Did they make any sense to you?
    Did this match presentation give you any food for thoughts maybe?

    P.S. No worries about your english Dave. I could understand you just fine . :ok_hand_tone2:

    I could need some feedback and your opinions my mates on this matter. 😉

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Hey Sofia,

    my feeling is that it is just random, for example, in my match on the dutch version i selected Modric he was the oldest en the best player i got.
    even then the analist still tells me this was not the good captain, but maybe he said it because i had a player on the tribune who was older?

    is there anybody from the staff that has the answer to this 😛

  • @Dave-Jansen_NL Maybe the analyst dont like your captain. haha 😆

    I think it's random, but that is just from my experience.

  • @King-Noel yeah he is a hater 😛

  • Russian Users

    I have been monitoring all suggestions done by expert for almost a month now, and I came to conclusion that they are completely useless. He makes them randomly based on the result that you have got in a particular match. For example in one of the matches that I have played my free-kick taker was Pirlo, he scored 2 goals and I won the game, expert said I have done a great choice picking Pirlo to use standards. Next day of course I again used Pirlo for standards and he didn't score, I surprisingly made a draw and expert said that I chose wrong player to use standards. Pirlo was the strongest midfielder and captain by then and comments of expert were based just on a result and the rating that player got in that match. So basically there been many different suggestions and none of them I found useful, when you win everything is good and when you loose he finds something bad in the choices that you have made in your tactics. So just play and enjoy the game, don't pay attention to expert cause he is just a programmed thing, he is not real person who can analyse all game and help you to highlight your real mistakes in tactics. This is just my own opinion, maybe someone has different point of view. 😄 So let's see what others will say about this.

  • Well from my experience the analyst is pretty accurate, I listened to what he said and I played a lot better!

  • I have an Android phone and I use the OSM App with it every day. 📱
    I was thrilled with the latest update that I've got yesterday. The OSM developers added that awesome "rerun" button on the match experience and now we are able to watch the whole match in our own time.
    If I'm busy right after the sim is over I can simply click on the "skip" button and can always ask to watch my own match by clicking on the rerun. Yipee ! :dancer_tone1:

  • English Users

    is there no experience on the computer version?

  • @RyanOBrien_ Hi, welcome.
    Match experience has not been implemented on the website yet, but it will be in the future.
    Unfortunately we can't give a time frame for it.

  • When will it come to pc?????
    Another thing always tells me that it is bad choice the captain that I put change every day but always the same

  • @pablobenjaminfc Hi, welcome.
    As I already said in my message above, we can't give a time frame when match experience will be implemented on the web version.

    Let's keep this topic about match experience only, for all other questions please use support forum.

  • English Users

    When I won barcelona 4-0 the analist tells me my tactics needs to be improved and in the previous match he said he loves the tactics while It is the same Formation and Tactics but the captain i stilled 3 matches to put the suitable captain at the end (Nani)