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  • Unfortunately guys, you keep on locking the threads like it's spreading diseases. My previous question was about helping the OSM, the mods, the League support or whoever is in charge of MAKING new leagues ( players, stats etc . ). So basically, what I want to know is : Is there a way I can contribute to OSM by helping, or doing myself something like Bosnian 2nd league. I'm keen to contribute with list of players, nationalities club names, stats and rest of it since this league is 1/1 covered by transfermarkt informations. Is there some kind of file that League support is using when making new leagues.

  • How can you create Bosnian 2nd league when Bosnian 2nd league doesen't exist?
    Bosnian Premier league is created from 2 leagues, 2nd Division as well: First League of Republic of Srpska and First league of Federation BIH.
    Don't missunderstand me but that's how it is, I am just curious and wanted to know...
    I would like to see both leagues live in OSM... 🙂
    Here is a picture from transfermarkt:0_1513778685337_BIH.jpg

  • Prva liga FBIH and Prva Liga RS are being considered and called " second league " by Bosnians, depending from which part of the country you are coming from. Indeed, Both FBIH and RS leagues are 2nd tier, and both of them give one club each to First tier - Premijer liga. My idea was to contribute by doing all I can on Prva liga FBIH. It could be labelled as Bosnian 2nd Division - A on OSM. I've seen same thing with those Spanish or German low tier leagues.

    So , to clear things , Premijer Liga is First tier league, formed ou of 12 clubs. Current system is based on two systems, teams that finish in first 6 places are challenging title, and the rest are fighting relegation. Each year, 2 teams are being relegated, and those spots are being taken by winners of Prva Liga FBIH and Prva Liga RS, which are two seperate leagues being played on seperate entities in the country.

    Maybe even doing both of those 2nd tier leagues wouldn't be huge problem in near future, but I'm keen to work on Prva liga FBIH as I'm coming from that part of country.

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    When and if our update team decides to make some new league and if they need any help, all managers will be notified via the forums.