Maintenance in the league match simalation time

  • While the process of maintaining was running in the OFM game, i've lost a game in one of my championship because I COULDN'T LOG IN... 😩

    It was in the 25th match day of the Vietnamese championship, where i was in the title race( -3 pts under 1st) until this defeat (now - 6 pts, 4 games to until end of season) !!!

    I was trying to log in between 6:50 pm- 7:18 pm,⌚ but obviously i couldn't because of the maintenance, and i couldn't set my team tactics and rotate my first 11, so i lost at my field 1-4, because league simulation starts at 7 pm, and finish at 7:15 in this Vietnam league ... ⚠

    Maybe this was an honest mistake from OFM software engineers and staff, but i think that you should do software maintenance before or after leagues are in the simulation stage !!!

    Please read my suggestion, and think about it, i'm writing with friendly and useful idea and advice

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  • @pin-kod Hi, welcome.

    You have to keep in mind that we would never plan any kind of maintenance during simulation time.
    If that happens during sims then it's urgent and never planned.