.Gif Supported

  • Hi mate, May I ask something?Why animated gif supported image doesn't allowed anymore for our osm profile avatar update? does it bugs? Love to see my osm animated avatar still work since today. Make it supported again if possible please or update image with external image url for any option like crews profile supported. Thank you :)

  • Hi @murid-nakal,

    I don't see any problems with your animated avatar. It's working both on your OSM profile as on this forum :) Or did you upload it as a .png instead of .gif?

  • @vertrigo_nl Yes I know, because I never Update it since forum upgrade some my friends trying to update it with animated avatar and won't work, on old forum normally I update it with .gif format with image size at less 25kb mainly I used 17kb image size .gif format and it worked. :D I trying help my friend with tricks to renamed and changed file type .gif to .png, .jpg but it wont't work :D

  • @murid-nakal Only .gif type images can be animated, other's can't. So once you change it to .png or .jpg it stops moving!

  • @stupidpro you can trying first mate when you renamed image .gif to .jpg or .png you can see the magic the image still moving normal with image preview and i called it's tricks :D