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    My manager name is damiandeb00. On my mobile phone I'm logged in. I wanted to go online on my computer, but I realise I don't know my password anymore. I wanted to reset it, but I forgot which e-mail I used.

    Can someone pass me my e-mail so I can reset my password?

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    @itzdamian_nl said in Forgot my email:


    You can see your e-mail also on your profile. Just log in, where you can see which teams you have and you see on the left side your managername and country where you come from. Left to that is your profile avatar, tap that and your e-mail adress will appear.

    Next time, please put this on the Dutch forum.

    Dus: bij je startscherm heb je in linksboven je managernaam met daaronder het land waarin je speelt staan. Precies links daarnaast staat je avatar: klik daarop en je email adres zal verschijnen.

    Volgende keer graag op het NL'se forum...

    This topic can be locked..

  • @koning-phillip_nl It's good that you want to help, but playing mod by saying this topic can be closed is not the way to go.

    Also as long as they ask for help in English they are allowed to ask it here.

    @iTzDamian_NL The easiest way to go is to tap on you're avatar in the app.
    You will not only see the email that you've set to the account, you are also able to change email there if needed.