• Spanish Users

    A few weeks ago I reported a problem in my profile. It had taken me a few weeks to be able to leave my old crew. I had been left alone in that crew and it never closed despite me being the only manager in it. Then, suddenly, I found out that I was in an unknown crew called Turkish Team.

    I used to be a friend of a Spanish Mod. I used to be his Cicerone in the game and taught him how to ascend to the top in the game. When I told him about my problem he disregarded it and laughed at my situation (" ha ha ha"). This is something completely unbearable. I am a serious manager. The worst of it is that I can't report it to my mods because they help each other in this as well as in many other aspects. These things are dirtying the game in my Community. I hope something soon may change for the best of the game because even the Community Manager of my Community allows this type of behaviours from the Mods of his Community. Thank you

  • Hi, welcome.
    I can see the problem is solved by now since you already joined another crew by now.
    So there's no reason to keep this topic open any longer