Sugestion: the nationality of the players

  • Romanian Users

    In the past when you acces the window Team/Squad(or something like this) where you see all the players you were able to see in the left of the players name the flag that represents his nationality and when you put the mouse on the flag you were also able to see the name of his country. I think this is a great feature for OSM because you can learn the players nationality and you can learn also different type of flags.
    And also, I think will be great to see the full name of the players.
    P.S. 1. I know you can see the flag when you click on the player name, but it will be more easy how it was in the old days.
    P.S. 2 I know also it's a lot of work.

    Thank you!

  • Polish Users

    A very interesting suggestion. 😉