What is the difficulty of games not being simulated at the right time?

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    I do not know why I do not even want to know, but to say that the game simulates at 6 o'clock and it's 8 o'clock and it still has not been simulated, what is the sporting truth of this game? are marked for an hour and is the other, TOP ELEVEN game to 5 years and I have never seen problems of this one and on top the game is more complete, you mess with tacticas players and you see the joo in 2D ... it is even the worst game of football that I've played, nothing is right in this game ... there is no truth, to play a game not everything is random I do not want ... until ever

    Check out my account and tell me how it is possible to have -2 negative tokens? it's a shame about the game

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    @stevex I need exchange moderator to me from old moderator

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