• Turkish Users

    Re: Game Updates
    Dear Sirs,

    Is it possible to include an update for those who do not want to make transfer from / to the teams in the own league. For instance, for the moderators of the league there should be an option as "Allow buying / selling players in own league" in advanced tools. Some managers try to set a trap for manager X by buying X's players multiple times and report manager X as cheater. Some of my friends encountered such situations and they have been banned. I have been also encountering such traps often. My update recommendation prevents such problems.

    Thank You.

  • That would be a nice option. I also think that transfers from manager to manager shouldn't be able under it's value. Preventing is always better then having to report a manager for cheating, waiting three days and theres no turning back...

  • This is not a 'support' issue. Feel free to discuss it in here