Why doesn't things happen?

  • I have understood that it is planned that you could watch what country it is when you have the mouse mark on the flag, this is months ago, still not happened. This feature is on a lot of other places.
    There is couple of flags that doesn't show (Curacao, Kosovo..), is this really a big case to fix? A lot of people have mentioned about the problem, not only me. @Hespera said in a another topic that it is because you have too low resolution on the screen, yeah right.. When I have what is suggested (1920 x 1080)

    What is actually on the to-do-list right now for Gamebasics? Is it possible to tell? Will this things be fixed?

  • Arabic Users

    I had finished 2 league (italian&Spanish) and i didn't reseve the manger points , about 9k !!

  • @rödvitt Hi, welcome.
    improvements/fixes are made according to prioritues
    if GB didn't implemented/fixed it yet it's because they're taking care of things with higher priority.