bug: numbers on galaxy note 3

  • Login: manager pr 9
    Account: all
    Date & Time of the bug: i saw this when i start using this phone. I cleaned cookies and then i tried it again but bug was still there. This only happenson this device, not on others.
    Platform: mobile, android
    App Version: i am not using app here, i use google, like on tesktop version
    Brand/type device: Samsung galaxy note 3
    OS version: 5.0

  • 0_1518185777288_Screenshot_2018-02-09-15-10-17.png

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    This already has been reported in the mean time, but now we've got some questions about this.

    Do you have any plugins on the device that may be affecting browser?
    or the exact steps/configs of your phone?


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