• Dutch Users

    When I receive an ingame message, I can see that easily when I'm on my computer. It gives an orange '1' or something as in 1 new message. When I'm on my Android app however, I don't see that. I have to open the inbox, to see if there's a new message. This gives me problems as I'm trying to build an all English squad in the BPL. Other managers are not eager to sell their good English players though. So, I need to negotiate buying a player. I experience that managers that login on their PC are more easily contacted. Ones that are on apps I usually don't get a respons or a very late respons. Is it possible to bring a new more striking 'message received' icon into the app updates to improve ingame contact?

  • I noticed that too, but you do get notification. Its problem if you swipe out that recived message.

  • Dutch Users

    I don't use notifications for any app. As you can switch that off, that doesn't seem to be the way to inform players.

  • There's a system implemented to notify users, if you disable it how do you want us to help you?

    Implementing a system like the one you want, would need a constant check on our servers. Do you have any idea how much traffic it will generate with 1Million users querying servers all the time? That's not doable 😉