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    hello everyone , am here to complain about strict referees and their inconsistency , today i played vs a guy on the last matchday , i spied him and he went aggressive , the referee was mark clattenburg , a very strict ref , am pretty sure most of the times people go aggressive vs a strict ref they're guaranteed a red card , but it didnt happen today for some reason , moreover , in another league that i played in , i went normal vs the same ref , but i got red carded and cost me the league , so i hope u fix this , because this has costed me the title , twice

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    So let me understand complain because the referee didn't gave a red card to your opponent ? If this is the case then it's pretty obvious that red cards is just a random factor and has to do with the tactics of both managers and not only if one of them played aggressive....

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    kinda doesnt make sense though , if the ref is strict and the opponent is playing aggressive then at some point a player will get a red , also i got more yellow cards than the opposition despite playing with less aggression than him

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