Error when inviting my friends to my league

  • Hi there,
    Im a moderator from my league and somehow i can't invite some of my friends... when I try to invite them I get the message: ''This manager does not exist''. and when they try to sign a contract to magage a team (they are already in the league by now) they get the message ''Unfortunately, that is not possible''. Has anyone ever had any experiance with this error? please let me know!
    big thanks!

  • Hi @robson0499_nl,

    Where do you get this message? iOS application? Android? Web version?

    In case you get this on the application, please make sure everyone is playing on the same OSM version. As you're on OSM Dutch, make sure your friends are on OSM Dutch as well. OSM World and OSM Dutch are separated versions.

    For some reason there is a bug in the application. There is a small chance that your friends have a different login name and manager name. If that is the case, it's not possible to invite them for your league via the application. It is possible via the web version (both mobile web version and desktop version).

    As far as I'm concerned GameBasics knows that this bug exist. It's up to them to fix it 🙂

  • Also contacted us via Support mail and not answering on any of the situations.... guess all should be fine now, if not, please answer to the mail!

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