Opening slot 3 and slot 4

  • I would like to ask in the behalf of my two allies from the THE ART OF FOOTBALL crew about opening slot 3 and slot 4 !?!

    Player (game nickname) Chacarita, playing almost 5 years and only two slots have been opened? ! 0_1519837202589_chacarita profile.png

    Player (game nickname) Vlado Skero, playing 6 years and only two slots have been opened? 0_1519837223091_vlado skero profile.png

    Why is this case, please help us to find a way for the opening of the remaining two slots, they are both an experienced and active player, and I see everyday newcomers in the game with all 4 slots opened and ready to be used ?!?

    Thank you

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    @pin-kod Hi,
    Were they the ones who told you they can't open their remaining slots?
    Managers are able to use all four slots if they want to and can decide not to use all if they don't want. So if they don't open those slots then other managers won't see them when they go on their profile until when these managers open those slots.
    But if this isn't the case, then they have to come to the forums to report this issue themselves, probably filling the bug template if necessary.

  • Thanks for the answer, and explanation, i talk to one of my allies and he told me that he can open remaining two slots !
    Please don't close this topic until i talk to my second ally, to see if he can open 3rd and 4th slot, or is is it some bug and error !


  • @king_jamiu_10 Everything is good now, there is no error and my allies can use every slot in the game. Thank you for your help and answers.This topic can be closed 💯 ☑

    Cheers buddy 😉

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    Cheers 😄