Managerial Points Mistake?

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    I have just stated playing in the Portuguese league and after one win my team Martimo is joint top with a first up win and +4 goal difference. I got 48 managerial points for this yet I'm below the Mangers of both Benefica and Porto who have 90 points despite only having a +3 goal difference. Also I am above my expected finish of 7th, whilst the Porto and Benfica managers are below their aim finish of 1st. Please explain.

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    @polecatffc Hi,
    Manager points are earned through winning games and draws, and no Manager point is earned when you lose a game.
    You get more manager points when you win a game than when you draw a game. And you get more manager points when you win games against higher goal opposition/active human managers than lower goal opposition, inactive managers and computer managed teams.
    Same goes for draws, and no points earned when you lose.

    Additional points are earned in the cup as you progress as well as when you win the cup, especially if in all your cup matches your opposition goals were higher.

    It may be that your game was against a computer managed team while theirs were against active human managers.
    You can try to study the point system as you play through the season and you'll understand it better.