Error 3000-0

  • Oops ... Something went wrong and we're restarting the app to see if it works again. Since yesterday this error has been repeated at any time on Android. Just go out of one slot and go back to the first screen and try to access another slot, comes this error then comes "OSM Unavailable. Due to the large number of online coaches, OSM is temporarily unavailable ..." This error happens on 8 morning, noon, 2 pm 5 pm, 9 pm or 3 am !!! Instead of launching a faster browser or swapping the app icon on your phone, change a server !!
    The warning came that I sold a player at 9:15 am, but so far I have not been able to access any slot! Also the 2 hour scout arrived, but I could not get into the slot ... For that scout faster if the game does not work on android !! Noting that it's not just me that failures are happening, in the league that I am in slot 2, other participants are having the same problem. 9 days ago, the app had an access problem on android, even emailed support and I had no response. I saw several complaints here in the Forum, but apparently other players also had no response!!6_1520081156658_28685978_1941142322580258_5460033413218803113_n.jpg 5_1520081156657_28685197_1941137465914077_5966096540228597585_n.jpg 4_1520081156657_28577791_1941137369247420_3952318439366229038_n.jpg 3_1520081156656_28576880_1941137415914082_1490707330289485682_n.jpg 2_1520081156655_28467711_1941137342580756_2154750930521728923_n.jpg 1_1520081156655_28467686_1941137439247413_4460314503048534106_n.jpg 0_1520081156654_28379631_1941137489247408_6641927489333003408_n.jpg

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    @celsoteixeira Hi,
    If you take a look at this topic you'll see that we responded.
    Also provide the info requested on that topic.

  • Ok, about Error-3000 ?? Since yesterday it is annoying to access the app on Android, printei screens and I sent to see the sequence, leaving one slot for another and error happening! I sent email to the support and posted here in the forum and nothing so far! Still giving the error and not just on my phone, other friends are having the same problem. instead of changing the icon in the mobile and scout in 2 hours, improve the server ... In 10 days, two problems: Error-1000 and Error-3000!

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    @celsoteixeira Mate,
    Please provide us all the info you can remember, like Android version, OSM App version, country form where you're accessing, login process (OSM data, FB data, google....)
    Also let us know which telecom provider you've (of course that we need the one on the phone when your App is not working), otherwise the Wi-Fi network connection when your App isn't working.

  • They answered by email that was already solved but I can not change the slot, always gives error and being in my wifi, I mentioned in the email and I will put here also that it was in the house of friend that has the game, in his wifi and the two cellphones They gave the same error! Today at 12:30 it made a mistake again and became routine! Always remembering that in 11 days, is already the second problem with android. By email and here I sent several prints of the problem! I'm in Brazil, another detail, google works normally with the same wifi. I'm always updating the app. The last time Error 1000 happened, it was more than 13h out of the air and many could not climb the team and some even lost important games! It is clear that the problem is internal and has nothing to do with my device or my wifi.

  • 3_1520181950737_28660831_1942549002439590_5577206103811872401_n.jpg 2_1520181950736_28577377_1942547115773112_2650081576735803935_n.jpg 1_1520181950735_28576172_1942547175773106_323660864110620914_n.jpg 0_1520181950733_28467852_1942548585772965_3688350785765713921_n.jpg

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    Perhaps, if you provide us with the complete data requested we will be able to investigate further and probably solve this issue. There are reasons we ask managers to fill certain templates, the earlier you provide us these info the better. Else we won't be able to help you with this issue.
    So please help provide the info requested.

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    No response.....Closed!