Achievement: Cup Boss

  • Greetings,

    I believe that i already won enough Cup competitions to fulfilled the Cup Boss achievement requirements about a month ago. However, the requirement bar is still stagnant at 2/3. Hope you guys can do something about it.

    Thank you for your attention and your cooperation is much appreciated.


    p/s: Out of topic. Previously i can't login into the forum since the day i started playing the game, resulting that i can't post/reply/report anything all. Out of desperation, i sent private messages via in-game to both Hespera and SpecialOne a couple of months ago. Hespera replied me by trying to clear the browser cache and also by changing the browser but yet i didn't work. Today, somehow i managed to login into the forum without doing anything at all. Hope my information might help you in any way. Thanks again.

  • administrators

    @arsay-whinger-iq Fixed! Deleted also your account (and all the others that were created while you couldn't access forum) so a new one can be created with the exact same name as your OSM account on your next login!


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