Any nostalgic managers still playing OFM?

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    i'm still playing, not on regular base but managing addiction is still strong...

  • This game is addictive as hell...

  • Hi every one .. I just stay and read all the words written in this pages ..
    Maybe nobody know me 99% 😊 and in same time I don't remember all of you (( sorry )) 😘
    My name ( fergiie86 ) I'm from KUWAIT and I played since 2013 maybe and stopped play because the new games and the life😁

    But really surprised too much about the game ..
    What happened for rankings and trophies and
    cups and time we waste and money we spent!!!!

    At least , in my opinion , but the old rankings in a list which any player can see it to know what these old players done ..
    This absolutely not for me 😅 for these players who deserve something from you ..

    At the end I wish everyone of you is well and live a happy life 🥰❣

    ((( but I need to understand some of the new rules and laws of the game, especially regarding the points rankings and how to calculate it with the leagues I played last month and the new one I will play ..

    Thnx ..😘✋👍

  • Yeah, too bad current rankings are showing only current in form players. There should be some kind of Hall of fame which would show rankings with all the achieved points, so that only points count. This way some players with 10-15 years of game are degraded to 1-2 old year paying customers.

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    Haha yeah I remember! Glad you finally made it 🙂

  • @fergiie86 Hi there and welcome back on OSM. 🙂
    About your question on how the new Ranking system works nowadays , please have a look at this useful topic called "Common Questions " :
    You can find your answer on the third post of this topic. 👍

  • @fergiie86 Yup, that si a big minus for me as well. It would be really fair that there is some kid of "legacy ranking" or "hall of fame" where you could see a list of people who earned most points ever on the game.. this current ranking is okay and it awards current form which is nice, but additional ranking that would not be main ranking, but the one to check someones legacy wouzld really be great addition to the game.

  • A legacy ranking system would be perfect. Or at least the "Best of OFM".

    For those interested I'm currently working on setting up a separate forum to OSM. Hopefully it will take off and it is going to have a close to the previous forum structure as possible for those nostalgic feels. 😄

  • Does anyone have some screenshots of the old OFM forum? I wouldn't mind keeping some of those topics/categories in place for my community. I'm working on it as we speak. Thinking of going ahead with IP.Board as the choice of forum software.

  • Im old [2013) but not that old HAHA

  • A lot of us have been here for quite a few years... 😛 But 7 years isn't too bad either.

  • @Gary-Gomes said in Any nostalgic managers still playing OFM?:

    Does anyone have some screenshots of the old OFM forum? I wouldn't mind keeping some of those topics/categories in place for my community. I'm working on it as we speak. Thinking of going ahead with IP.Board as the choice of forum software.

    I just thought I'd repost this. Does anyone have any screenshots of the old OFM forum please? Or perhaps know where I can find them?

    Some follow up on the new forum;

    • My old IP.Board licence has been renewed and will be the chosen forum software.
    • Currently loading the forum with categories and forums.
    • Setting up groups and a premium subscription for those wanting more out of the community (exactly what is yet to be decided upon).
    • Sorting out permissions for groups.
    • A name for the community has been chosen; this will be shared soon.

    Once I've got the basics above sorted out I will be in a position to send out personalised invitations. Stay tuned all - I have a feeling this is going to be top class! 😄

  • I just played my 4,000th match. 😄

  • The time has finally come; Cracking The OFM Code is officially open! 😄

    What is Cracking The OFM Code?

    For years since the new updates we have been left with a very disappointing forum on OSM. Long gone is the old banter on a forum that kept us entertained for so many hours. I decided it was time to make a change and see whether I could bring back that burning fire.

    Cracking The OFM Code is something I've wanted to set up for a while now but never had the motivation or resources to do so. The whole site is powered by myself just like I've done for my crew website (OFM Dream Team). It's an older project that was intended to be an unofficial website all about formations and tactics for OFM. It was to be an active place where people come to find tactics, best formation to tactic combinations, assistance with tactics and pretty much anything and everything to do with the most talked about and arguably the most important feature of OFM.

    Fast forward a couple of years and not only is OFM now known as OSM, but I have changed the scope for Cracking The OFM Code. Instead of solely concentrating on tactics and formations, I wanted to give it more of a community vibe like the old OFM forum used to have.

    As you can understand it is still brand new despite the forum software being installed quite a few years ago, but what I can promise is that the forum will grow with its community.

    Why are you telling me about it?

    Well not only are you guys in this topic considered an OFM oldie, but initially this is invite only so I wanted to contact you all directly and ask you to join up. You can register with your manager name or any other alias; the forum is completely separate to OSM and Gamebasics so there will be no influence from the official staff whatsoever.

    What's the link?

    You can access this new forum on the link below;

    Cracking The OFM Code

    Register, make yourselves at home and please let me know if you have any suggestions. If you have any screenshots of the old OFM forum (or any nostalgic pictures and screenshots for that matter) then that would be greatly appreciated so I can try and get similar categories and forums to make it look even more like home! I want to create something later on as a side project that would be an archive for all old OFM history. 😉

    Thanks again and if you have any questions or concerns, I'm all ears! Keen to see you join soon.

    Regards, Gary

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    First time back on this old place in a long time and wow has it changed.

    I used to be called griffx1 a lifetime ago if anyone remembers. I used to be the youngest member of the forums for what felt like years. Lots of amazing memories on these forums and lots of fantastic people that I had the pleasure of talking to.

    Great to see some of the old faces back on this topic. @SIR-ADAM-C, @James-Tranthem, good to see you two old blokes still knocking about. I'm sorry I was useless at crew battles 💔

    Lots of other names here that I recognize and too many to tag. You all know who you are.

    It was a pleasure talking to you all, all those many, many years ago. If you remember who I am, don't be a stranger, please share any fond memories you have of the old forums (OFM FC, Haxball, 8 Ball Pool to name but a few)

    Also if anyone can remember Guess The Player in the old football forum, you have my absolute respect!

    Until next time ✌

  • @RoyalLuke I remember your griffx1 username actually! Join my new forum if you want to stay in touch. Things have changed a lot around here especially on the forum side of things. The game has advanced and looks completely different but is still really fun to play. Nice to see you still around mate.

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    Gary did I use to play with you? I've literally just logged back in, but my old account was Jaymie Ronaldo if that rings a bell. I used to be one of the moderators on here, damn that was a long time ago haha!

  • @JBpinoy Hi there mate! Not sure I remember you entirely but I vaguely recall the username. How have you been? Actively playing again or just popping on to say hello?

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    @Gary-Gomes I seem to remember your picture OFM Dream Team! Doing okay mate thanks and yourself? I did play quite a bit but I got a bit bored, doesn't feel the same! How about you??

  • I am doing very well too, thanks for asking.

    It's definitely not the same as before but it is still a very good game to play in my opinion. 🙂 Things can't always remain the same forever.