Goals with the same club

  • You said that it works well and i reached my goals with the same teams 3 times: arsenal and feyenoord. Lately i reached again my goal with Standard liege but it didn't update to my achievement? How is that possible?

  • @r.raatgever_NL Because you reached your goal less with that team then the other two teams.
    In fact you reached the goal 2 times with Standard liege and with Arsenal and feyenoord you've reached it 3 times.
    To get that achievement you need to reach your goal 5 times with the same team.

  • @Hespera Oow thanks,

    I Thought that i had to reach my goal with 5 different teams twice!
    stupid thinking haha!

  • I'm glad that everything is clear now, then this can be closed.

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