• Arabic Users

    Dear OSM/Moderator ,

    My brother has an account under the name " anabtawi " , he used to login immediately via Facebook without even typing anything to login as his Facebook was connected to the OSM account .

    his account is like 7 years old ever since he was using the Facebook login option to get into his account , and he somehow messed it up , and can not login anymore , as you might know his account is really old and he really don't use Facebook anymore which lead us into a few problems .

    He has no clue whats his password or what is his E-mail , as he really don't use Facebook anymore and the E-mail he used back in 2011 is literally out of date and he really don't use it or even remember it

    his last Login was a few days ago around 4-5 PM +1GMT m Location should be Germany
    hes managing four clubs , I can really give you every details you need in game beside the E-mail and the Password , we even have each other added if you can check that yourself , and hes actually mad as the clubs that hes managing are doing bad work right now as he did not login for a few days and he has no clue what to do

    I would really be so happy if you could help us out
    I would be also glad if you can respond fast
    I appreciate your amazing work

    Thanks in advance

    best regards

  • English Moderator

    @masteraa Hi,
    Ask your brother to contact support via email; En.support@onlinesoccermanager.com for this issue including his manager name in the mail.