Losing to a 100M team while playing home with a 500M team

  • Dutch Users

    I am playing as Real Madrid, and today I lost against Real Sociedad with 0-1. How is this possible? My team is 5 times better. No players were injured. All players were super fit. But the commentary was that my players weren't fit (while all bars were green). A few minutes before the game started, the game wasn't working well for me, and while my game was still being simulated the standings showed that I was in 3rd place with 18 points, while number 2 had 16 points. I think there might have been a bug or something what influenced the simulation. Can this be fixed or resimulated? I really don't like how this ended out. It seemed like there was a problem with the simulation, checking if I had all players in my team with good health, because my team played like there were no (or maybe there were some bad) players. Please help me. My manager name is joeyyyzzz

  • English Moderator

    Sorry to hear you lost your game mate but there's nothing to be fixed here. Squad value alone doesn't win you games. Fomation, tactics, home advantage, training camp and other factors is what determines who the winner would be.
    When you're online, you only see infos which you previously load, you only get to see updated info when you reload/refresh your page and some info gets updated before others do as simulation progress that's why you see the standings gets updated before the result so this has nothing to do with simulation interfering with your game.

    No bug!