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    When someone has been found to be cheating, do the teams that have been unfairly improved stay with the unfair advantage within the league? Presumably, a new manager can come in and benefit from the cheats or (even if it remains just as a computer manager), the long standing managers in the league, then find it impossible to catch up with the team that benefited from the cheating manager?

    I ask as there is clear cheating in my own league, huge number of transfers between two clubs with cheap moves in one direction, and expensive the other, just trying to find out how you level the playing field after a cheat report is concluded and a team is left unfairly improved

  • Unfortunately there is no way to reverse the transfers once they have been made. In short, the new manager will benefit from the players that were bought. If you suspect that it is the same person as the one that was banned then you can definitely send through a cheater report so the staff can investigate.

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    Thanks for the clarification Gary Gomes, perhaps it would be useful in future if the game rules made it clear that teams who lost their manager would in future have the players ratings dropped by say 10% to level the playing field and to stop the banned managers making a new OSM account and then popping up as the manager of the same team that had been unfairly improved - as seems to be the case in the league I am managing now, a manager who has never played the game before (new account) miraculously picked the only team in the league that has been unfairly improved, despite 'bigger' more desirable clubs to pick from with just a few games to go

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    @Gary-Gomes thanks!
    @Paulo-Dayio Because a new manager who hasn't played the game before picked that team doesn't mean it's the same manager. Every manager picking a new team can pick any of the available teams he finds and likes wether they are a good team or not.