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    Hello my topic was closed here was your answer:

    "If they didn't get that reward it means they may have used the link the wrong way or it might also be due to one of the following reasons :

    New user has to sign up via invitation link and on same session (if user installs app, closes it and later open it an sign up, it won't work, he needs to click link again and only after create the account)
    Invited user has to create a new account and not joining league with an existing one
    There's a maximum of 10 rewards, so all invites sent after that won't give any reward
    New user must create his/her account on the same OSM version as the inviter (i.e. World for World, Dutch for Dutch versions)."

    I check with my friends, Both goth the 50 bonus, But I didn't get.
    My nick RafaelGreick

    THeir nicks: brunosdamata, marcelloszz

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    And This was my first and second invite But in-game it didnt count. still says o have 10 invites

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    There is nothing wrong with rewards for inviting new managers to the game. Like I said on the other topic if you didn't receive the reward it could be because of any of the four reasons stated. And since it's still shows 0/10 invites it only means you haven't invited anyone, and there isn't a problem.