• First of all let me say this, I loved the new crew update on App... Hands downs the best update. 👍

    I have two questions:

    1. New crew update max members a crew can have is 24 managers... I currently had 40 members in my crew Indian Tigers. But now I had to kick managers to make it 24 managers as I wanted do invite new managers and kick inactive once.... In our WhatsApp group we have 50 managers and now they are starting a second crew as we can't all join my crew. Anyway the maximum limit will be taken out or it will be 24 managers only?

    2. I accidently pressed start battle and it opened the battle recruitment but I want to select the specific members to pick a strong battle line-up instead... So is there anyways I can stop the recruitment for now?

    ![1_1522591321885_20180401_145746.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1522591321814_Screenshot_20180401-083255.png](Uploading 100%)
    Thanks and Happy Easter. 😀

  • Can I get an answer please.

    Thanks 👍

  • Hi, welcome.
    Since awnsers have been provided through Discord already, there's no need to keep tis topic open.