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  • Language Groups

    Q: I can't find any topics on my native language, how can I fix this?
    A: There are two ways to get access to your native language forums:

    It's in fact quite easy and you can do it just with 3 mouse clicks:

    • 0_1550568934914_b7df8cba-946f-4b62-b4cd-e361b649a0ed-image.png

    • 0_1550568966432_f0bf120d-7526-4891-8ef0-4eff70481680-image.png

    • 0_1550568980894_0631c5f4-333a-40bf-bdea-443ee22b8ed3-image.png

  •  Manager Name

    Q: I want to change my manager name, how can I do it?
    A: I'm afraid it's not possible to change your manager name.

    Manager Points & Rankings

    Q: How does Manager Rankings work? My manager points are way more than the ones shown there!
    A: Every slot you have has an individual ranking. If you play on all 4 slots, you'll have 4 positions on ranking. The position shown on user profile is the slot with the highest ranking. The Manager Points ( MPs ) taken into account to determine your position on ranking are calculated this way:

    • Points from last 180 days will count 100%.
    • Points earned on next 520 (from 180 until 700) days will count less on different levels of percentage until they are ultimately counted at 1%.
    • All points older than 700 days will count 1% for your total.

  •  Achievements

    Q: I've won 10 cups already and I still don't have cup master achievement?
    A: Achievements were introduced on 14th October 2014. Some achievements only start counting after that date. Cup achievements are one of them, so only cups won after that date are taken into account!

  • Simulation time

    Q: My match was simulated before the time shown and I wasn't able to do my lineup and lost the match?
    A: Remaining time shown for next match it's an estimated time based on last simulation. We can't guarantee that matches are simulated at exact time. Matches can be simulated earlier or later, due to several factors (number of leagues removed/created on past 24h, number of users online...). The only thing we can guarantee (except in situations where there are major problems with servers) is that they are never simulated before 18:00h (GMT).
    We've split servers in groups with different simulation start time, just keep an eye on the start of the server where your league is and try to have your line up ready before that time.

  • Payment issues

    Q: I've payed, but did not received my boss coins?
    A: Sometimes there could be a little bit of delay in receiving them, so the first step is to give it some time.
    If you still didn't get them after waiting, then please contact the payment provider.

  • Set email

    Q: How do I set email through app?
    A: If you tap on your avatar you will be able to set email

  • Can't login to my account on ios app

    Q: My manager name & password are correct, but I'm unable to login?
    A: Your trying to login to world version with dutch account or the otherway around.
    If you set your language right then you should be able to login to the right version.

  • Special Offers

    Q: I did not receive the boss coins from the special offers, what to do?
    A: Offers from Business Club are responsibility of our partners. You can check the status of your offers on every offer wall by clicking on the Support/Missing coins link that you can find on the bottom of that page.

    alt text

    You can also contact them via same process if you think that it's taking way too much time (some may take more than a week to be completed).

  • Enable iOS notifications

    Q: How do I enable my notifications?

    A: Notifications on iOS App are enabled upon the OSM's App installation. If you miss doing that during the installation it will be possible to enable/disable them only right after you initiate the first action with any of the game's timers ( i.e. a Training session or Stadium upgrade etc ). When you will start it, you will be queried if you wish to enable your notifications.
    After this you will be able to enable/disable them on your App settings, via iPhone/iPad settings.

  • Remove/Delete my account

    Q: How do I remove/delete my osm account
    A: It's only possible to remove your account through website.
    Login, go to Profile page, click on Edit profile and you will find the Delete account button on the left side from the save button. http://prntscr.com/fsr20x

    Please keep in mind that removing your account is a final action and you can not get it back if you regret the decision. So think it through before you hit the confirmation button.

  • One season game

    Q: What happens if the season is over?
    A: OSM is a one season game, which means that everything will be reset after the season (players/bank balance/stadium upgrades etc).

  • Scout doesn't come back with with 90+ players

    Q: Why the scout doesn't come back with the skill level I requested?
    A: There are very little players with still level 90+, since the scout always brings back three players it will return with the next best thing when there are no 90+ players available.
    The only thing you could try is to wider you're search range and see if it comes back with the skill level requsted then.

  • Criteria invites

    Q: Why didn't I receive Boss Coins ( BCs ) after inviting managers?

    A: To be able to get these rewards, following criteria have to be met:

    • New user has to sign up via invitation link and on same session (if user installs app then closes it and later opens it and sign up, it won't work. He needs to click link again and only after create the account)
    • Invited user has to create a new account and not joining league with an existing one.
    • There's a maximum of 10 rewards, so all invites sent after that won't give any more rewards.

  •  Re - Activation Of Old Topics

    Q : I found an old topic on the forums that interested me and clicked on the Reply button to create my post. But suddenly I came up with this message :
    alt text
    What am I supposed to do now?

    A : There is a "hidden" button close to that blue button that says Create a new topic. It may look invisible on your screens but trust me it is there.
    Please now use your mouse ( while working on a pc - website ) or your finger tip ( while using your mobile phone - app ) to tap around the blank area that surrounds the blue button.
    Usually you need to click right on top of this button. Magically you will see the Reply box opened for you to make your post and bring an old topic back to life!

    alt text

    Hidden button is fixed now ! 😉

  • English Moderator

    League Number

    Q: I don't know my league number, How do i find it?
    A: To find your league number you can follow the instructions bellow:

    • Go to your league table/standings from the control center page or by using the step below.

    • Wait for the league standings page to load and after that click on your squad.

    • And after your squad page loads up you'll see your league number at the address bar of your browser.

  • English Moderator


    Q: How do I recognise my own server?

    A: You can find the server of your league by simply clicking on Community ➡ Simulation Status


    The highlighted server is your own server.


  •     Match Experience's Feature

    Q : How does the game engine work during the Match Experience?

    A : The game's engine calculates chances, missed attempts of scoring a goal, corners, fouls, yellow cards/red cards, penalty kicks , freekicks etc etc... These are real events that happen during the match simulation and are correct ( simulation wise ones ). But after that comes another task of the game engine, which assigns one random ''reason'' for every specific situation/event that occured on the field.
    The events during each match do happen, but the way those events happened (like explained above) are picked randomly from a list of the game engine. For more details have a look at the link below :
    And lastly, the most accurate comments are indeed the ones mentioned by the commentators at the end of each match.

  • - Can't login on OSM
    • I was kicked out of OSM App and now I can't get back in. Is it possible to recover it? What can I do?

    Everything was fine and I never though on link my account to any social sites. I also didn't set any e-mail on my account.

    • If you're on this situation, please send an e-mail explaining your situation, to your local support (check below all the available support languages/emails) explaining your situation and providing following information:
      • Manager name
      • e-mail to be set on the account
      • In which platform account was created (iOS App, Android App, FB, Web version)
      • Date of last purchase of BCs and method used to buy them
    • If you've linked your account to a social site you should be able to log with that social site data
    • If you've set an e-mail on your account, just follow the forget pass procedure and all should be fine

    Supported languages and local Support address mails:

    Users playing on Dutch version of the game only

  • English Moderator

        Tie Breaking Criteria

    Q : How does the game engine determines who wins the league when two or more teams are equal on points?

    A : When two or more teams finish with equal points at the end of the season the criteria for determining how they are placed on the League Standings are in the order below:

    • Criteria 1 ➡ Most goal difference
    • Criteria 2 ➡ Most goals scored
    • Criteria 3 ➡ Most number of wins
    • Criteria 4 ➡ Alphabetical order (English spelling)